Bronx-born, Afro-Dominican-American artist, who sources syncretic religions and historical references in the African diasporic communities, to conceptualize wearable art and site-specific Installations. Their interfaith and intercountry narrative explores representations of identity and race through the lens of being the Other. Drawing connections between black culture in the Caribbean and the United States the artist creates installations of wearable art, video and photography. 

Rodriguez is also one of this generation curators making the efforts to bring artist of the African Diaspora into the forefront by curating shows like Resistance, Roots and Truth at the Caribbean Cultural Center and (under)REPRESENT(ed) Parsons Alumni Exhibit both: exhibitions that shed light on the foundational contributions of the African Diasporic communities.

Graduate of Parsons the New School for Design in 2013.  Van Lier Fellowship recipient at Wave Hill 2018, and Fellow from the Caribbean Cultural Center of the African Diaspora 2017. Her work has been included at Miami Art Basel, Longwood Art Gallery, American Museum of Natural History, Wave Hill, Rush Art Gallery, El Centro Cultural de España and Centro León Biennial in D.R. Currently teaches at Parsons the New School of Design in NY. 

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My work is rooted in the complexity of determining my self-identity, the dispute of women roles in historical references, and the struggle to thrive as a woman of color raised in between cultures. I create pieces that relates to self discovery as a Dominican American raised in the South Bronx, my search of an unknown heritage, the women in my family, the connection between the people and the land, African and Taino rituals, religion, feminine and masculine roles. I am interested in history and the effects of how these historical events violently mark our lives and our personality. 

Growing up in the South Bronx by Dominican immigrants constantly jumping from Spanish to English, and from The Bronx to the Dominican Republic, I found myself molding and questioning my identity and my place in society. As an artist I expose my upbringing with visuals through a series of recreated memories. My interest in examining my heritage has led my curiosity. 

Currently working on Headdresses inspired by Taino and African cultures in the Dominican Republic and organically hand knitted pieces that blends European influences relating back to the complexity of a multicultural and multiracial creation of history. I am always in search of exploring untraditional forms of knitting, sculpting and the combining of elements to create mystical imagery usually resulting in performance art captured by the lens.  


2018 New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellow, Wave Hill

Innovative Cultural Advocacy Fellowship, Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute

Anna Toonk Scholarship, 2010: Full scholarship to attend Parsons Paris Summer Intensive Program

Parsons Scholars Program, 2006-2008: Full scholarship to attend college prep studio classes and programming at Parsons the New School for Design