We Are Here, Because We Are Not All There

“We Are All Here, Because We Are Not All There” is a series introducing a Three Pointed Zemi inspired sculpture. Zemis played an important role in the culture of Tainos in the West Indies. Translated into  “Sacred Things,” Zemis were rooted in ancestor worship during the Areitos ceremonies. This first group of the collective is a reflection of resilient Dominican women who have inspired the artist.

The combination of the Headdress inspired by Tianos and Africans slaves in the Dominican Republic and the organically hand knitted dress with European influences relates to the complexity of a multicultural and multiracial history.  Here the artist blends religious reference from all part of her heritage in order to form a representation of herself. This piece is described as a self-portrait. 


Presented at Andrew Freedman Home, Innuendos: The Voices of Ten Bronxite Women for Women History Month and Yeah Thats What She Said group exhibit at Babycastles. 

Photo Credit: Melanie Gonzalez Art